I have a pet peeve relating to online avatars. Faces matter and it amazes me how many people do not get this.

So many people fail to set up a Gravatar for themselves, which covers many services and apps. Or they upload a weird picture. Or they let an app supply a default, like an egg or some random polygonal pattern.
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It’s been a while…

I haven’t written anything for ages. To be fair I have been rather busy, as I am far along my transition from Grails developer to iOS/Mac developer.

In addition to doing some work for the BBC on an iPad app prototype, I am also starting a new co-working space in Stroud with my business partner Adam Hinks, a graphic designer who also lives in Stroud.

It’s exciting to start a new business and work on creating a great working environment for people who would otherwise be work at home. Having worked closely with Adam for some time on an iOS project, the value of being on-site with talented people from different fields is abundantly clear. It seems increasingly important when trying to create great software products.

So please do try Cluster if you’re in the Stroud area of Gloucestershire, UK and looking for a shared office.

Leading horses to water

There is some real gold in the recently posted full interview with Jony Ive and Craig Federighi in Businessweek.

If you’re an Apple follower and have read the Jobs biography you will recall that Steve Jobs was crestfallen about the reaction people had to the iPad announcement.
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Apple’s new anti-theft measures will cause pain for thousands

Much has been made of Apple not doing enough to prevent the trade in stolen iOS devices. Finally they are doing something about this, but I think it is going to cause a lot of problems for ordinary people and a predictable PR backlash against Apple. Here’s hoping that Apple put in place a system to deal with this very soon.

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A look at Vesper’s UI

Vesper app: Editing a note

So John Gruber and friends released a new iOS app for note-taking called Vesper. You can Google a bunch of reviews and other interesting details about it, and what it does and deliberately does not do.

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