Apple Watch and intimacy

Many people are writing off some of the WATCH features that were demonstrated as pure novelties. I think this is a mistake, if understandable given that these are rather new concepts.

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Let’s quickly bash this one out

“My contract is finished, so we need to crack on and get an app published in the App Store. The problem is that REDACTED which we started last year will take too long to finish, but I’ve had a great idea for a really simple app we can bash out in a week or two” — seasoned developer (me) to designer

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Animation timings

Making your animations subtle is very important. This usually means they should be very short, circa 300ms or less. However even a tiny amount of undamped spring means they need more time to feel natural.

Perceived smoothness is a function of distance travelled and the frame rate, so the further the total distance travelled (in any direction, e.g. when bouncing on a spring), the longer the animation must be to appear smooth. Even if it is longer than you would normally like such an animation to be.

Trying out indie dev on my pygmy pony

There’s a lot said about the troubles of being an indie iOS developer, with a recurrence doing the rounds at the moment. It’s fair to say that many consider it an ill-advised move, at least the ones who have not tried it or have tried and failed to make enough money. I remain convinced that to some degree the indies out there who have found profitable niches are not too eager to share this information, for obvious reasons.
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Is “Unlock Everything” a mistake?

iOS developers are well aware of the shift in price models away from charging up front, to free with In-App Purchase.

I have been pretty resistant to this change, especially in the light of the forthcoming ability to host preview videos on the App Store. The rationale is that getting people to buy your app without evaluating it is a massive hurdle, and a video preview could help with that.

Now I find myself having a change of heart.
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